2012, Moscow, December
" Dmitry Karabchievsky: Zilber-3" article by Liza Plavinskaya (in Russian)
2012 Zverev Center for Contemporary Art, Moscow, October 25
" Black Cat in a Dark Room" article by Vladimir Djemesuk (in Russian)
2003 Bar Harbor Times, ME - September 25
" Outside the Frame" article by Laurie Schreiber
2000 Mt. Desert Paper, ME
" Out of Russia" article by Laurie Schreiber
1994 New York Times, - July 17th
Article " Show of Agreeable Images"
1993 A pamphlet for the solo show at the Central Artists' Hall, Moscow, Russia
Drawings, paintings and an article
". Karabchievsky is a true lyricist, whose poetic view transforms houses and trees, roads and forests into an intricate improvised melody."
1991 Vremia I Mi (Our Time) #114 - A major international literary journal.
Paintings and article published
1991 Novi Mir (New World) -International journal of the Russian Immigrant Culture.
Drawings printed.
1990 Ogoniok -a mainstream Russian magazine
Paintings and an article "Direct Conversation"
". main thesis was the following: painting is not as much a representation of the essential qualities of nature, the model, the mood, or even of the artist's Perception, as it is a direct communication of the artist to the viewer."