Born in 1967, in Moscow, Russia. Studied with prominent Russian painter,  Boris Birger and self-taught. In 1990 moved to United States. Since then,  lived alternatively in Boston, Maine, Moscow and Paris, France. Paintings  have been acquired by collectors from different parts of the world, primarily in Russia, United States, France and Israel.


In my work, I try to combine the power of color as structural and emotional in order to represent the world that moves me. I am also influenced by the ideas expressed in French music, as well as by the French writer A. de Saint-Exupery. My primary influences are post-impressionists,  as well as German and Austrian expressionists. I rely more on my feelings rather than on thoughts, and consider our subconscious and intuition to be more important and rich than our brain or intellect alone. I also believe that the mysterious process of creation of art is connected with a higher (divine) power. Rationalizing  this process is always limited. The artist can’t really explain why he does this or that in his art. Ideally, the artist (and consequently the viewer) is transformed in that process just like a religious person may be transformed through prayer.